Stop Republicans is the accountability arm of Progressive Turnout Project. In key states, we buttress PTP’s voter turnout programs with micro-targeted digital ad campaigns. Our ads help stop disinformation in its tracks, educate voters on relevant political events in the news, and mobilize them to take action.

Our voter contact programs target the worst of the worst elected Republicans, especially the most craven — and most vulnerable — Senators.

Every dollar we raise supports the voter turnout programs at Progressive Turnout Project. In 2020, we employed a field staff of over 1,000, who reached infrequent voters on the phone and with handwritten letters — because voter turnout is how we get rid of Republicans and create lasting change.

Our digital ads go up early to establish narratives, frame races, and build grassroots momentum for our candidates — even in cases where the Democratic primary isn’t over. We also fundraise for Democratic challengers in tough Senate and House races so they have the means to go the distance on the campaign trail.